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Police Go Crazy Over New Superman Comic Book — Because Superman Stands Up Against Bully Cops

Law enforcement has always relied on Hollywood and comic book publishers to portray police as heroes who never abuse or make lethal mistakes.

By FilmingCops
Police have become outraged at the latest release of a Superman comic book in which the iconic American hero fights back against bully cops.

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The comic portrays Superman as standing with a crowd of Americans who are embracing him.

Cops in riot gear soon arrive to break up the gathering and take Superman (who has now been revealed as Clark Kent) into custody.
Police fire tear gas at the Americans. As Clark Kent aka Superman watches the scene unfold, and witnesses the violent bullying, he feels his power back and decides that enough is enough. The feeling is portrayed with powerful imagery. A feeling, perhaps, shared by every American when we witness police bullying the innocent, shooting dogs, and killing mentally disabled people.

Younger Superman fans have embraced the new comic book and feel that they can now look up to Superman as a true superhero.

But police themselves are outraged.

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