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Survivor of US Drone Attack:
Obama Belongs on List of World's Tyrants

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Against Authoritarian Threat of Far-Right
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Senator Chuck Schumer Chooses Israel—the Apartheid Rogue State—Over America

Chuck Schumer: A slave to Israel or simply terrified by the pro-Israel lobby?

Opposing Iran Nuclear Deal, Chuck Schumer Rattles Democratic Firewall

The decision by Senator Chuck Schumer to oppose President Obama’s deal to limit Iran’s nuclear program rattled the Democratic firewall around the accord, but supporters said Democratic defections in New York and South Florida would not be enough to bring down the agreement.

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TRAITOR! Chuck Schumer Bucks White House on Iran

By retrievals
This man [Chuck Schumer] is traitor to his country and to his party.
RELATED STORY: Bernie Sanders Announces Support for Iran Nuclear Deal

He should never be allowed to lead the senate democratic caucus. His first allegiance has been and will always be Israel. If he is selected to lead the democrats, plan on more US wars in the middle-east so Israel can continue to maintain its apartheid regime with American blood.

I will not give one penny to senate democrats if they continue to support republicans and Israel over the United States and our democratic president.

I hope democrats will rise up in opposition to this traitor.

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