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Donald Trump's Staff Knew He Was A Racist — Always Hid His Black Workers When He Came Around

America's mainstream media is mainstreaming racism by giving Donald Trump a free ride on the issue.  Reporters refuse to ask Trump about the time he demanded the execution of black teenagers and even published ranting full-page advertisements in New York City newspapers demanding that the teens be killed — The teens were found innocent of the crime they were accused of. More recently Trump has attacked Latinos, women, Arabs and so forth, and he has accused Obama of having a fake birth certificate and of not being a "real American." Now we learn that supervisors had to hide black employees whenever Trump came around.  The mainstream media just smiles because Trump's bigotry is "entertaining" and increases their ratings. But can you remember how the media hounded Barack Obama over the issue of bigotry? Not even over anything Obama said himself but over something his pastor said. By the way: mainstream media won't ask Donald Trump about his "university" which is under a RICO investigation for ripping off its students.

If supervisors had to hide black workers every time Donald Trump showed up it could only mean one thing: He was a fanatical racist. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)
If supervisors had to hide black workers every time Donald Trump showed up it could only mean one thing:
He was a fanatical racist. He allowed black workers around only because the union required it - as long as
they stayed hidden from his sight. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

By David Ferguson
Black employees at the Trump Casino in Atlantic City were routinely kept out of sight whenever the real estate mogul entered the building, says one former employee.

A New Yorker magazine article about Atlantic City contained the story of a former Trump Casino worker about the way he and other employees of color were treated on the job when “the boss” was around.



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“I met a bus driver named Kip Brown, who worked the Port Authority route, up and back each morning, for Academy Bus Lines. He had been at Academy for fifteen years and was No. 3 in seniority, out of seventy drivers in the region,” said writer Nick Paumgarten.

“Brown also used to work in the casinos, at the Showboat, bussing tables, and at Trump’s Castle, stripping and waxing floors,” he continued.

Brown said, “When Donald and Ivana came to the casino, the bosses would order all the black people off the floor. It was the eighties, I was a teen-ager, but I remember it: they put us all in the back.”

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