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'I've Got A Black Girlfriend': Have Black Women Become the Brutal White Cop's Insurance Policy?

Many slave masters had "black girlfriends" (rape victims). That didn't end slavery or stop the savagery.

Don't Worry: This cop has a "black girlfriend."


Sheriff Claims Officer Who Manhandled Black Female Student Isn't Racist Because his Girlfriend is African American

By Khaleda Rahman and Snejana Farberov
A female high school student who was arrested after standing up for her classmate as she was violently dragged from a classroom by a school resource officer has spoken out about the incident.

Both teenagers are black – and in a strange defense put forward by the Richland County Sheriff, they claim the incident was not racially-motivated because the officer in question has a black girlfriend.

Niya Kenny, 18, was taken into custody and held on $1,000 bail for ‘disturbing schools’ after filming Senior Deputy Ben Fields as he overturned a student’s desk with her still in it.

She said she was detained simply for speaking up after the officer launched the violent attack on the student.


NYC Cop Justin Volpe: In 1997 he sodomized Haitian immigrant Abner Louima (he rammed a police baton
up his rectum causing Louima severe internal injuries. He pleaded guilty). The cover he tried to use initially? -
"I couldn't possibly have done that. I have a black girlfriend." Volpe was one of the first cops to use the "But
I have a black girlfriend" defense. It didn't work.


Meanwhile, local authorities in Richland have asked the FBI and the US Department of Justice to investigate the incident at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina, on Monday, which was captured on at least three video recordings.

Sheriff Leon Lott said he asked independent authorities to investigate the incident as a possible civil rights violation and admitted that he wanted to ‘throw up’ after viewing his deputy’s actions.

‘I wanted to throw up,' he said. 'It just makes you sick to your stomach.’

But according to the New York Daily News, Lott added that Fields has been dating an African-American woman for 'quite some time.'

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1 comment:

bee jay said...

Terrible abuse of a child. How can this happen in a SCHOOL?

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