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Chicago Cops Face Embarrassment Over the Execution of Laquan McDonald — So CNN Finds A Stooge to Justify the Murder (Video)

The day of the execution of Laquan McDonald cops attempted to cover up the "Murder-by-Cop" by erasing video of the killing recorded by security cameras at a nearby Burger King restaurant. Chicago cops then hid their own video of the execution for over a year while giving the killer cop paid leave (vacation) during the same time period.  Meanwhile, Chicago's city administration decides to shut the family of the victim up with a $5 million payoff. But after the cops were forced by a judge to release their own video of the execution the killer cop is immediately indicted for murder in an effort to pacify the black community. Therefore, law enforcement experts and pro-cop pundits have no choice but to admit that the killing of McDonald was completely unjustified.  Facing embarrassment and global condemnation, Chicago city's administration and corporate media (led by CNN) panic and go into "damage control" mode. Their solution?: wheel out a stooge to "justify" the killing of Laquan McDonald.—Ronald David Jackson

Jonathan Gilliam is the Stooge Ex-Cop Who is Called Upon to do
the Dirty Work of Justifying the Murder of Laquan McDonald

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