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Neo-Confederates in Missouri Try To Revoke Scholarships of Football Players Who Refuse to Play for Political Reasons

Without the athletes, schools that have been raking in millions from their sport programs would be in a world of hurt.  But racists want to send a message to any other black athletes who might be considering flexing their political muscles at schools with racial problems: "You are a slave. Get used to it."—Ronald David Jackson

Athletics vs Slavery


Missouri State Representative Files Bill to Revoke Striking Mizzou Players’ Scholarships

By Kevin McGuire
The Missouri House of Representatives will review a house bill filed by Republican state representative Rick Brattin that would seek to strip any scholarship athlete in the state of Missouri of his or her scholarship if they refuse to play their respective sport for any reason unrelated to health. This comes in the wake of the Missouri football player strike in the fall that ultimately led to the removal of Tim Wolfe as university president in November.

At this time there is no hearing scheduled and the bill is not yet confirmed for the House calendar in Missouri, but House Bill 1743 is officially prefiled as of Monday afternoon. The bill, which “Provides that any college athlete on scholarship who refuses to play for a reason unrelated to health shall have his or her scholarship revoked,” has a proposed effective starting date of August 28, 2016, just in time for next college football season. The strike from within the Missouri football team started when a statement from Missouri’s Legion of Black Collegians released a statement saying players of color will no longer participate in football activities until Wolfe resigned from his post following criticism over his handling of race-related events on Missouri’s campus.

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