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The Republican Party is Stuck With Donald Trump — Can't Come to Grips With Its Ignorant, Racist Base

By Gary Legum
The latest issue of the Atlantic has a long essay by conservative pundit and former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum analyzing the current squabble between the GOP’s elite donor class and its rank-and-file voters — a fight that has resulted in Donald Trump dominating the presidential primary polls while easily swatting down every establishment challenger from Jeb Bush to Scott Walker. It’s a solid and clear-eyed piece from a writer who has, despite his conservative bona fides, occasionally committed apostasy in the last few years as his Republican Party has found itself in thrall to its angry, nativist base.

The piece falters, though, because Frum keeps ignoring one of the animating motivations of that same base. It’s not a case of ignoring the elephant in the room. This is more like ignoring the herd of elephants that just tore into his office and began stomping all the furniture, upending Frum so that he’s lying on the floor continuing to type into his laptop while his desk splinters and sharpened tusks obliterate the drywall.

I’m talking about racism, of course, and not just because I’ve read stories like this one examining how Trump’s candidacy has given white supremacists the biggest stiffies they have had since the Order blew away Alan Berg. Because we’re not talking about the type of racism that wears hoods and burns crosses on black families’ lawns. If anything, we’re talking about a racism more subtle and pernicious and backed into the structure of American society, a racism whose existence conservatives so often yadda yadda when the subject arises, a racism that we are forever exhausting ourselves just trying to prove to people like Frum that it exists.


But when you have spent hundreds of years being the dominant force in nearly every facet of society, you have to expect a backlash as that society becomes more open and multicultural. You can take the accusation as a personal affront, or you can acknowledge that not every white man in history has been, to put it mildly, as awesome as you think you are. It’s a complicated history, but also it is really not.

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IGnatius T Foobar said...

By labeling all Trump supporters as racists, you have of course demonstrated that it is you who are the racist. Trump is a uniter who is supported by true patriots of all races, genders, financial statuses, religions, etc. etc.

Ronald David Jackson said...

Sure: The only people who believe that are those who get all of their information from Fox News. Those who know that's a lie but say it anyway are either working for Donald Trump or are racist themselves:

White Supremacist Leaders Thank Donald Trump for Dragging Their Racism Into Mainstream

White Supremacists LOVE Donald Trump — Here's 12 Reasons Why tiny.cc/blpn6x
Where Did Donald Trump Get His Ideas On Immigrants?: Father Arrested at Ku Klux Klan Rally

Donald Trump Says He'd 'Stay Silent' If A Supporter Opposed Black People

Donald Trump Rally Had People in Audience Yelling 'White Power!' (Video)

Donald Trump Supporters Yell Nazi Slogans At Protesters: 'Sieg Heil!'—'Shoot Them!' (Video) http://tiny.cc/0pvb7x

Donald Trump — Weaponizing Hate: GOP's New #1 Bigot Calls Racists Who Attacked Immigrant 'Passionate' (Video)

White Terrorist Trump Supporter Charged With Anti-Muslim Bomb Plot—Did it for Donald Trump

Donald Trump Supporters Are 'Less Educated' and Don't Like Mexicans — Says Poll

Donald Trump Attack's Jeb Bush's Mexican Wife — GOP Clown Car Turns Into Pig Show

Trump Calls Democrat Candidate 'Disgusting, Little, Weak, Pathetic Baby' for Apologizing To Black Lives Matter

Donald Trump's 'University' Ripped Off Millions From Trusting Students — RICO Lawsuit

Brahman said...

Here are the cold facts other than your "leftist media" bs stories

Make America Great Again!
Vote Trump 2016

He is supported by 40% of the Blacks in the USA
He is supported by 45% of Hispanics
He is supported by 26% of the Democrats

and a huge amount of other voters


Ronald David Jackson said...

World Net Daily??? REALLY? Only the neo-Nazi website Stormfront is more right wing. That pseudo survey was in fact conducted by World Net Daily itself ("WND/Clout poll by Clout Research") so that foolish folks like yourself would run around quoting it in an attempt to fool other people.

When more balanced, reputable and professional polling companies(like Quinnipiac) conduct the survey here is what they find:
A national poll, released by Quinnipiac University, contains a bit of bad news for the Republican front-runner: Black people don’t like him.

In fact, 73 percent find him untrustworthy and 92 percent say he does not care about “the needs and problems” of African Americans. Nearly 80 percent of respondents said they have an unfavorable view of the casino mogul. When matched against Democratic candidates, Trump never cracks more than 3 percent of the vote and as an independent he gets a paltry 5 percent.

What does this all mean? It means that even if somehow Trump was able to snag the Republican nomination and duplicate Ronald Reagan’s popularity among white, working class voters, he would still lose… and by a lot. Non-white voters, including Latinos, are simply more powerful than they were 35 years ago. Voter turn out among these voting blocks would be further energized with Trump on the ballot.


Ronald David Jackson said...

You have to keep a VERY close eye on WND's "pollsters." They are notorious for using loaded questions on skewed poll samples, as this article demonstrates:


Fritz Wenzel, WorldNetDaily's ethically challenged pollster, is keeping up the bias in his latest work for WND


Unruh served up some more Wenzel results, this time claiming that "one in seven Americans believes that the nation eventually will be ruled by a dictator." But the questions are decidedly leading:

In world history, whenever a democratic society similar to ours has failed, it
has been followed by a dictatorship – usually a brutal dictatorship. If the
current American federal government were to fail, what do you think would be the
most likely outcome?

Some opinion leaders in America today say the current federal government of the
United States is so badly in debt and is so bloated as a dysfunctional
bureaucracy, and faces such grave threats from foreign enemies, that it is
unlikely to last much longer. How likely do you think it is that our national
government will collapse during your lifetime from the combination of these
serious problems facing the country?

How likely do you think it is that the country will collapse during the next 20

How likely do you think it is that the country will collapse during the next 10


Way to put partisan politics ahead of scientific polling, Fritz.


January 1, 2016 at 9:35 PM

Suzanne. said...

Heh heh heh, You fell for it, Mr. Jackson. You swallowed all the race-baiting for-profit hoaxers. Even Obama himself bragged in his autobiography (co-written by terrorist Bill Ayers) "Dreams from My Father" that as early as his high school days, he was hatin' on people, and inventing and playing race baiting games against non-racists, shutting out thoughts of the immorality of his actions, just for fun and profit. Oh, wait, you didn't read that? -- Here are some relevant quotes:


By crying wolf and branding people racists who are not racists, Mr. Jackson, you have lost your effectiveness for any legitimate grievances you might have ever had. Haters like you are exactly who are driving Trump's popularity.

You see, we are all Americans, and Trump likes Americans. That's all that we need in a president. I will be soooo glad to watch all you America-haters suffer, cry, and moan, as the new president actually takes America's side in every issue, for years and years to come.

Blaaaah hah hah hah hah hah!

You need to Ditch and Switch Now!

Ronald David Jackson said...

If you REALLY expect to be taken seriously -- You have to grow up and move beyond the "Ha ha ha" and quotes from far-right dumbbell publications like "American Thinker." You and the other trolls failed to respond to the long list I provided of actual facts about Trump's racist followers and their actions, and the proof of the fake right-wing pollsters. I'm waiting for you (and your allies) to RESPOND categorically and systematically to the posts. If you can't do that you are nothing more than a yapping troll who was asked to post here yet provided NOTHING. You have an opportunity to show that Trump's supporters are more than just dummies. So far ALL of you have failed. The Internet is watching. You may think you are "scoring points" among your tiny circle of morons, but among the rest of the world, you folks are coming across as brainwashed cult followers.

Ronald David Jackson said...


Donald Trump Featured In Jihadist Terror Recruitment Video: The video shows Trump discussing his plan to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States.


Suzanne. said...

Hi Mr. Jackson, I am not a troll. I would like to speak to you as a human being, but I cannot bring myself to wade through a bunch sites you tell me are racist sites, because I don't want racist shit in my head. I am not a racist, and neither is Trump, nor are the vast majority of his supporters. I've listened to the full length of many of his speeches. I've even been to one near my home, and I've never heard a racist word out of Trump nor from any people there. What I DO see and hear are people reacting to other people's *actions*. If non-Americans break the law, come into the United States illegally, and start criminally preying on and killing Americans, of course Trump and his supporters protest that behavior and want it to stop. If that means temporarily halting even ALL immigration until the TSA figures out how to vet them, that has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with the intentions and behavior of the people coming in. The reality is, a subset of Muslims are the only ones openly declaring they want to blow up and kill all Americans. There is no other group of any description with such a declaration.

Now you might have some agenda of your own, and you might dismiss everything I'm informing you of, but I challenge you and every (current) Trump hater you meet to listen to the man himself. And listen to the African Americans who support him. There is no racist stuff going on anywhere here. There is only American stuff. We are all in the same boat.

Full speech at Mesa, AZ (skipping over warm up speeches, but you can replay them, of course)

Time stamp directly to Jameel Shaw, a black man, discussing the murder of his own son by a criminal illegal immigrant

Still you've heard nothing racist.

An interview I just found today, of one of the black pastors who met for 3 hours with Trump a couple of weeks ago - He speaks highly of the respect Trump showed everyone in the room, even when some of those present clearly tried to race bait him.

You hear nothing racist from either the interviewer or the pastor:

Dr. James David Manning

Anyway, Mr. Jackson, don't ever take other people's word for it that Trump is some sort of racist. There are a LOT of people with their own profit agendas out to disrupt his campaign, *including* FoxNews who hate him the most - they have even lined up hate-spewing Megyn Kelly again for the next debate. The MSM is dead because of all the manipulative agendas. So if you don't want to be taken in by other people's agendas, always go to the source of the source.

As in, only listen to the man himself.

Maybe you'll take this to heart, maybe you won't. Maybe somebody else browsing through here will.


Ronald David Jackson said...

One of the most telling differences between Democrats and Republicans and between Democrat-leaning media and channels like Fox News is the fact that Democrats will always attempt to win a debate with confirmable facts and figures, whereas Republicans and their media will never hesitate to lie outright, provide thoroughly false equivalents, and or talk past or around the evidence that's put right in front of their faces.

Show a Trump supporter an actual video of Trump's audience members yelling "Sieg Heil" or "White Power" or saying "Obama's is a Muslim" at rallies (with no opposition from Trump whatsoever) and they will simply deny what their very own eyes are showing them. Republicans have been told blatant lies by the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, and O'Reilly for so long that they wouldn't know a fact if it hit them right in the head.

That's because today's far-right Republicans are not real activists or even genuine truth seekers but merely cult members who if allowed would march America straight to hell. Fortunately that will never be allowed because no matter how much they go into racial panic and no matter how much they lie to themselves their numbers will continue to shrink literally by the minute.


What Trump has done is call out the establishment on years of dishonest rhetoric. Progressives often asked why so many working-class whites went against their own economic interests by supporting the GOP. The answer is that Republicans appealed to these voters on cultural grounds, subtly exploiting their resentments and fears.

The nation’s demographics are changing, with a rapidly growing Latino population — and an African American in the White House. Globalization has hollowed out the middle class. The country is vulnerable to terrorism, and there is no way to impose a Pax Americana on today’s multipolar world.

The Republican Party promised — with nods, winks and dog-whistle toots — to change all of this and make everything the way it used to be...

Similarly, many leading Republicans were careful not to offend the “birthers” who denied Obama’s legitimacy as president. An unabashed birther long before he was a candidate, Trump still refuses to say whether he accepts the proven fact that Obama was born in the United States...

Trump has given voice to the ugliness and anger that the party spent years encouraging and exploiting. He let the cat out of the bag, and it’s hungry.

How Donald Trump destroyed the Republican Party in 2015, Eugene Robinson (Washington Post)

Trump is pushing the racial and cultural resentment button a lot harder than he’s pushing the economic button. In fact, he’s pushing the resentment button so hard that it’s activated some very serious racists who truly had been pushed to the fringes of the right wing fever swamps. According to a rather disturbing story this week in the Washington Post there has been a surge of excitement among white supremacists. It quotes a number of different leaders of the movement who are thrilled at the prospect of one of their “own” getting mainstream credibility. Trump is often said by his followers to be “saying what they’re thinking.” These racists feel exactly the same way.

This is not to say that all Trump supporters are white supremacists. But it’s also not fair to say that the Trump voters who are hostile toward immigrants, Muslims and African Americans are simply reacting to economic inequality. As Bouie pointed out, this isn’t necessarily a case of classic Marxist false consciousness, or at least that doesn’t explain or excuse their love for Trump. Their racial resentment exists all on its own.

When Donald Trump says he will make America great again, what they hear is that Donald Trump will make America white again.

The Truth About Trump's Appeal: 'White Working-Class Anxiety' Is a Dog-Whistle for Racism, Heather Digby Parton (Salon)

Ronald David Jackson said...

Republican Politicians KNOW That The Republican "Base" Is Racist: This Is How Even "Mainstream" Republicans like John McCain Manipulate That Racism,

The study, which was published online this month in Public Opinion Quarterly, shows that the McCain campaign's negative ads about Obama overwhelmingly featured him with a darker skin tone in a subtle attempt to appeal to voters' racial prejudices.

...When McCain's campaign aired spots that connected Obama with alleged criminal activity by liberal groups, the producers almost always used images that made Obama's skin appear very dark.

According to the study's authors, 86 percent of the ads featured images of the president with a skin tone that fell into the darkest quartile of the ads they looked at.

As the Post reports, the closer the election got, the darker Obama's skin became in McCain's desperate ads. And while Obama's skin darkened, McCain's skin grew lighter and pastier.

A large body of evidence shows that racial prejudices are stronger against African Americans with darker skin. For example, jurors are more likely to sentence to death black defendants with stereotypically African facial features, even when accounting for the severity of the crime."

Another study, by Solomon Messing of the Pew Research Center, Maria Jabon, a software engineer who works for LinkedIn and Ethan Plaut at Stanford University measured voter's responses to Obama's skin tone in photos and found that when his skin was darkened, respondents matched words corresponding with anti-black stereotypes, like "crime" and "lazy."

Dogwhistle politics is alive and well in the Republican Party today, with Donald Trump's fear-mongering about Mexican immigrants and Muslims and Jeb Bush's comment that black voters might not get "free stuff" if he wins the White House.

New Study Confirms Insidious GOP Racism in 2008 Presidential Race,
Janet Allon (Alternet)

Suzanne. said...

The truth escapes you again, Mr. Jackson, because you want to believe the lies. They taste better to you. What's really going on is that Obama hates Americans with a knee jerk reflex. He says so in plain English in his own pre-election autobiography, and in plain Arabic to the Muslim Saudi backers who financed him. What? You didn't know he's fluent bilingual English/Arabic? That IS where his knee jerk hatred of Americans comes from.

So it's simple human nature that Americans return his hate sentiment.

Trump's charm, on the other hand, is that he loves Americans of all colors, and they love him back. Seriously, did you miss the significance of the DitchAndSwitchNow.com site? Or the discussion by the black pastor?

You didn't even bother with them, did you. The truth is, you want Trump to be a racist, and are frustrated beyond all endurance that he's not.

Pity for you.

The public understand the malicious game of assigning words to candidates that were never said. Calling it "code" or "dog whistles" is so pathetically desperate. We've seen that kind of shit for too many election cycles. So the public is educated and immune to that game now, by the MSM itself. We understands the game of opponent-paid protesters and plants showing up at rallies, trying to make a story, and then people like you trying to spin it into something it never was. Your loss.

I in fact did listen to one of your videos, which turned out to be a mere 10 seconds long and barely audible, of one guy in the back of a crowed yelling something that you only wish was "white power". Of course, that isn't what it sounded like at all, but it said so in the title, so it must have been true. In reality, if there is an obnoxious yell, gesture, or sign at a Trump rally, those people get dragged out instantly by the Secret Service, because Trump and his crowds just don't put up with it. I myself saw a guy dragged out at the event I was at. Trump doesn't need to waste any precious airtime "denouncing" them. We all know they are irrelevant. He just ejects them.

And so I guess that makes you irrelevant too. You can go on wasting your own air and bandwidth. You and your crutch-pundits (who tell you what opinion you're allowed to have, because you can't form your own) will continue to fail to assign words to Trump or his followers. Trump has been very clear he does not hold racist positions, nor does he support anyone who does.

The real racists like you and your racist pundits will be very disappointed looking for the race war you'll never get.

Oh what glee watching you all spin into the ground like Rumpelstiltskins.

Ronald David Jackson said...

Thank you for demonstrating before the world just how completely disingenuous and profoundly fraudulent Donald Trump's supporters are.

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