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THESE Are the People Who Run Israel Today: Aide to Prime Minister Calls US Ambassador 'Little Jew Boy'

The Israeli government is saturated with psychos who will even attack their own if they won't go along with Israel's apartheid policies.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has surrounded himself with racists.
Prime Minister Netanyahu has surrounded himself with psychos.


Netanyahu Aide Calls US ambassador ‘Little Jew Boy’ in Escalating Controversy

By Peter Beaumont
The US State Department has moved to back America’s ambassador to Israel in a febrile and escalating row over his remarks on Monday that Israel applied law in the occupied West Bank differently to Palestinians and Israelis.

Ambassador Daniel Shapiro’s unusually critical comments drew harsh criticism from ministers in Israel’s rightwing government – including from Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Shapiro was also publicly lambasted on Israeli television on Tuesday by a former aide to Netanyahu who used the deeply offensive Hebrew word yehudon – which translates as “little Jew boy” – to disparage the ambassador. The term is used by rightwing Israelis against other Jews – particularly against those in the diaspora – whom they regard as not being Jewish or pro-Israel enough.

Netanyahu has described Shapiro’s comments as unacceptable and wrong, while justice minister Ayelet Shaked has suggested that they were inappropriate and that Shapiro should recant them.

“We are being subjected to a terrorist onslaught that is simply unfamiliar to the United States, and to pass judgment on us in such a one-sided manner is wrong,” Shaked told Army Radio. “It would be appropriate if he corrected himself, and I hope he does that.”

As the row continued into a third day, US State Department spokesman John Kirby insisted the ambassador was reiterating US policy on Israeli settlement construction. Kirby was speaking after a private meeting between Shapiro and Netanyahu to attempt to paper over the differences.

“Our long-standing position on settlements is clear. We view Israeli settlements activity as illegitimate and counterproductive to the cause of peace. We remain deeply concerned about Israel’s current policy on settlements including construction, planning, and retroactive legalisations,” he said.

The latest row comes against a backdrop of escalating tensions between Israel and various countries and international political groupings.

Last year Netanyahu’s government reduced diplomatic contacts with EU officials following a decision to recommend that member states label products produced in illegal Israeli settlements.

Swedish foreign minister Margot Wallstrom has effectively been declared a persona no grata in Israel after calling for an investigation into whether some recent shootings by Israeli security forces of Palestinians amounted to extra judicial executions. Israeli officials said her comments were “delirious”. Netanyahu said they were “outrageous”.

Israel also strongly condemned the decision this week by the EU foreign council to take up a new resolution strongly critical of continued Israeli settlement.

Israel finds itself facing renewed criticism from the European Union for the continued expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, a complaint that Shapiro echoed.

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