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Privatization of Post Office Begins: Well-Paid Postal Workers Replaced By Low-Wage Staples Employees - Postal Services Starts at 1500 Staples Stores

Welcome to the New Post Office: Staples
Welcome to the New Post Office: Staples has been struggling and plans to close another 225 stores by
2015 - Will low wage Staples workers render postal services better or worse? (Photo by Mike Kalasnik)

By Jodie Gummow

“U.S. mail is not for sale!” This was the hard-hitting message of hundreds of local activists who joined forces across the country in a national day of action protesting a privatization deal between the U.S. Postal Services and Staples.

The USPS pilot program establishing unsecured postal counters in more than 80 Staples stores in four geographic areas began late last year.

In response, American Postal Workers Union (APWU) members and associates rallied outside Staples stores around the country demanding an end to the deal which they say is aimed at replacing good, living-wage postal jobs with low-wage, high-turnover jobs filled with untrained Staples employees. They say it may eventually lead to layoffs and the closing of post offices.

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