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America's 'News and Information' is Under the Total Control of a Tiny Cabal of Powerful Consultants, Managers and Producers

All across America—from California to New York, from Alaska to Texas—corporate "news" on television, radio, in newspapers, or on the Internet all looks, sounds, and reads the same. Because it is all the same.

These "news" people are virtual soldier ants or robots, all saying the same thing.  And in some cases, they don't even know it.
These "news" people are virtual soldier ants or robots, all saying and
doing the exact same thing.  And in some cases, they don't even
know it.
By Ronald David Jackson
Most people are unaware of the fact that big media companies in the "news" business hire consultants who tell them what kind of "news" their companies should air. Many of these companies hire the very same consultants or are under the control of a tiny and powerful cabal of managers and producers. As a result, news has a "canned" look and feel to it. That's why you often get the feeling that no matter what channel you switch to and no matter what website you visit, all of the information seems to be exactly the same. Well, it's not just your imagination. For example, the "news" readers appearing on the "different" television news shows are in fact often reading from the exact same script.

This is how Americans are "programmed" to think and believe whatever the media controllers want them to think and believe. This is also how some manufacturers and service providers are able to jump ahead of their competition: They get help from a tiny cabal of news controllers who are able to put products and services in front of a national audience by "canning" that product or service as "news." An excellent example of this is the fake "news story" about "email overload" shown in the video below.

Check out the video below to see how mass brainwashing is done in America — the alleged land of "free speech" and "independent news."

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