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Cop In Las Vegas Charged For Pulling Down A Woman's Pants, Photographing Her and Exposing Himself — While On Duty

Officer Solomon Coleman: Allegedly told victim he would be  back later that evening.
Officer Solomon Coleman: Allegedly told victim he would be
back later that evening.
By Mike Heuer
A "lewd and disgusting" Las Vegas police officer pulled down a woman's pants and photographed her and then exposed himself, she claims in court.

     Sasha Boseke sued Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and its Officer Solomon Coleman in Federal Court.

     Coleman was charged with six gross misdemeanors and is scheduled for trial on June 29 .

     Boseke says she called police on June 1, 2013, after a "domestic incident" with her boyfriend, who was arrested and jailed.

     Coleman responded to her 911 call with other officers, and remained at her home after the others left, Boseke says in her May 27 lawsuit.

     A female officer already had taken photos of the injuries her boyfriend inflicted, Boseke says. When the other officers left, she claims, Coleman followed her to her bedroom and told her to pull down her shorts so he could see the bruises.
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     When Boseke "refused to pull down her shorts or expose her body," Coleman "forcefully pulled down plaintiff's shorts and undergarments, and, further, told plaintiff to lean over her bed, which exposed her nude body" to him, she says.

     While she bent over her bed, nude from the waist down, "Coleman took photographs of her nude body with a cell phone camera," without her consent, according to the complaint.
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     Coleman then "exposed his penis to plaintiff and made lewd and vile remarks" to her, she says.

     "At no time did plaintiff consent in any manner to the lewd and disgusting conduct of defendant Coleman, nor did plaintiff engage in any consensual sexual activity with defendant Coleman," Boseke says in the complaint.
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     But Coleman told her, "he had to leave but that he would return that evening," according to the complaint.

     When he did return, Boseke says, she refused to let him in, called the police and reported him.

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