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Survivor of US Drone Attack:
Obama Belongs on List of World's Tyrants

Poisoning Black Cities: Corporate Campaign to Ethnically Cleanse US Cities Massive Marches in Poland
Against Authoritarian Threat of Far-Right
Ethiopia’s Invisible Crisis: Land Rights Activists Kidnapped and Tortured

Global Perspectives Now Global Perspectives Now









Russian President Putin Says He Won't Ignore Crimea Leader's 'Plea for Help'

Russian Legislature Approves Use of Military Force in Ukraine

New Ukraine Leadership Vows to Expel Russian Fleet from Crimea

Stop Playing Games With US - Russian Legislators Tell President Putin: Send Troops To Ukraine, Recall Ambassador From US

China: Terror Attack With Knives Kills At Least 27 At Train Station in Kunming — Over 100 Injured

Jim Crow Lives: The Ugly Face of Racism Behind the Bars

Oil Rigs Dumping Billion of Gallons of Fracking Waste Off California Coast With OK From Feds

Judge Accuses Woman With Down Syndrome of Not Acting Like a Victim in Rape Trial

Alabama Veteran Who Hired KKK Hitman to Kill Black Neighbor — Begs Judge for Mercy

Kleptocracy: Final Stage of Soviet-Style Socialism

How Exactly Do Colleges Allocate Their Financial Aid? — They Won’t Say

Keystone PipeLIES Exposed: The Facts on Petroleum Politicians, Crude Money and Media Spin - Video

The Arab Spring and the Changing Balance of Global Power

Chechen Dictator and Russian Nationalist — NOT Taking Over Ukraine

Keystone PipeLIES Exposed: The Facts on Sticky Leaks, Billion Dollar Spills, and Dirty Air

Keystone PipeLIES Exposed: The Facts on Petroleum Politicians, Crude Money and Media Spin

Keystone PipeLIES Exposed: The Facts on Phantom Jobs, Phony Gas Prices, and Missing Revenue

The New York Times Corrects Venezuela TV Falsehood

The Question of US 'Democracy Promotion' in the Newspaper of Record - New York Times Ignores US Backing of Dictators

'El Chapo' and El Banco: Stories About The Capture of Top Mexican Drug Trafficker Ignore How Big Banks Laundered His Money

The Heritage Foundation: Where Have All the Scholars Gone? — Racist, Right-Wing History of 'Think Tank' is Glossed Over

News From Venezuela—But Where Is It Coming From and Can It Be Trusted?

Monsanto’s Pollution is EVERYWHERE: Their Roundup Herbicide Found in 75% of Air and Rain Samples

A Victory for Cop Watchers!: Indianapolis Cops Must Allow Themselves to be Filmed in Public After $200,000 Settlement

Egypt: Four Reasons for Throwing Down a Gauntlet to Coup Leader Al Sisi

What Is The Fifth Estate?: The Role of Media in Affairs of State

A New (Order) For Ukraine?: Assessing the Relevance of Ukraine’s Far Right From the European Union Perspective

Voting Rights Advocates Try to Blunt Attempts at Voter Suppression in States By Placing Court Oversight Back on the Map

Russian Army 'Deployed' In Crimea: 'Swarmed Major Thoroughfares, Encircled Buildings, Closed Main Airport, Seized Communication Hubs'

Obama's Big Screw Up In Ukraine: Gets Caught 'Red-Handed' (On Tape) Letting Neo-Cons Plot Overthrow of Ukraine's Elected Government — The Result is the Crimea Disaster

Glenn Greenwald's Billionaire Benefactor Helped Fund 'Regime Change' in Ukraine: Summary of Greenwald's Response — So What?

Ukraine Defection: Newly Appointed Head of Navy Pledges Allegiance to Crimea - Navy Told To 'Disregard' Orders From Kiev

Ukraine Launches Treason Case Against New Navy Chief — He Defected To Crimea, Ordered Navy To Irgnore Kiev

Full Military Mobilization Ordered By Ukraine's New Leaders — Reservists Called Up: New PM Accuses Russia of 'Act of War'

Weekend Murder Spree By Boko Haram 'Islamists' Kills 74: Over 300 Killed So Far This Year - Raids, Executions and Car Bombs

7 Dead As Cameroon Security Forces Clash With Boko Haram 'Islamists' From Nigeria — Porous Borders Facilitate Terror Attacks

Terror Attack Kills 29 In Nigeria: Boko Haram 'Islamists' Now Issuing Warnings Before Attacks - Government 'Forces' Outgunned, Run and Hide

Nuclear Cover Up In Washington State?: CNN Reports Big Jump In Horrible Birth Defects — Doesn't Mention Super-Polluted

“Beat the Kikes”: The Dark Side of the Ukraine Revolt - Big Media Ignored the Racist, Anti-Semitic Quasi-Fascists Among Protesters

Post-Zimmerman Society: Indiana Mall Bans Upturned Hoodies for 'Safety of All' — But

Ukraine: 'Warning Shots' Fired By 'Pro-Russian' Soldiers When Ukraine Soldiers March On Surrounded Base and 'Demand Their Jobs Back'

Murder In Ukraine and Media Coverup: Snipers Who Shot Protesters Hired By Forces 'On Same Side' of Protesters — A 'False Flag' Op Designed To Discredit Ousted Government Suggests Leaked Tape

Ukraine: Lightning Quick Moves By Crimea's Parliament - Votes To Join Russia & Sets Date For Referendum Vote — EU & US Sent Reeling

Glenn Greenwald Was Very Suspiscious Of News Outlets Funded By The Rich — 7 Years Ago

US Policy of Isolating Russia and Expanding NATO Is a Dismal Failure — The Ukraine Disaster

The FBI: How It Sabotaged Black America — Former FBI Informant Describes What He and Other Informants Did for the FBI

What About Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Among Battered Civilians?: Hospitals Fail To Screen For It

Drilling for Certainty: The Latest in Fracking Health Studies

Doctors Un-Masked: As Implementation of Full Disclosure Nears - Doctors' Cash from Drug Companies Plummets

The CIA's 'Cultural Cold War': A Key Goal Was To Convince American Artists, Entertainers, Athletes To Stay Away From Politics — They Were Fabulously Successful

Failing The Fallen: The Military is Leaving the Missing Behind

In Case You Missed It: 'It’s the Interest, Stupid!' — Why Bankers Rule the World

The Top Ten US Aid Recipients All Practice Torture

10 Things They Won't Tell You About Money in Politics

Diagonal Mass Surveillance: If You're Targeted, the Government Can Legally Collect Information On You, Your Friends, and Friends of Your Friends

Fail and Prosper: How Privatisation Really Works — Getting Filthy Rich Taking Over Government Services, then Selling Third Rate Services Back to Government

Obama Goes To War Against Another Whistleblower: TSA Whistleblower Tried To Bring Concerns To Superiors — Came Under Attack

The War on Workers and Minorities: Is The Tea Party Winning It? - The Tea Party's 5th Year Anniversary

Israel Faces International Sanctions Over “Permanent Occupation of West Bank” — Obama Says To Netanyahu

There Will Be 'Cascading System Failures' Caused By Climate Change: New Government Report Says Infrastructure Will Be Overwelmed, May Collapse

Imaginary Organisms: Media Tout Benefits of Genetically Engineered Foods That Never Were — Predicted 'Super Foods' Turned Out To Be Pure Hype

Israel’s War on Facebook — Activists Arrested for Twitter and Facebook Posts

Grocery Manufacturers Association Seeks to Pre-empt GMO Food Labeling — Wants To Keep Consumers Uninformed About What They're Eating

National Network of Stink Tanks: Comcast and Time Warner Cable Finance Right-Wing Propaganda Mills Via ALEC

Oil Kingdoms Quarrel : Qatar's Backing of Muslim Brotherhood Prompts Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain To Yank Envoys From Qatar

The Invisible Government and the Anatomy of the Deep State: Don't Kid Yourself — Your Government Is 'Controlled' and So Are You

Saudi Arabia—The World's Greatest Financier of Global Terrorism—Says It Now Lists the Muslim Brotherhood as a 'Terrorist Organization'

Russia Ready To Annex Crimea — Kremlin Signals Annexation for First Time

License Plates Are Being Massed Photographed by Private Companies For Sale To Law Enforcers That Track You — Now They Fight For the 'Right' To Do It

US Hypocrisy on Crimean Secession Move: Washington Supported Break-up of Sudan, Yugoslavia, Iraq

War Mongers At Washington Post: Obama Slammed By Washington Post for Not Bombing Russia and Triggering Armageddon

Japan's Ongoing Nuclear Disaster: Systematic Coverup About Spreading Radioactive Contamination From Destoyed Nuke Plants

Fundamentalist Christians Among America's Military Leadership: General Boykin as Genghis Christ — Issuing Fatwas to 'American Taliban'

Shock Doctrine in Ukraine: The Looting Has Begun, Cut Pensions In Half — The West Offers Austerity and IMF 'Economic Medicine'

Frequent Facebook Use Linked to Eating Disorders Among College Women - Study

She Won Gold At The Olympics and Got NO Endorsements: 'No Problem' — Boxing Gold Medalist Claressa Shields Keeps Fighting

Russian Gas Corp Threatens To Cut Off Gas If Ukraine Doesn't Pay Bill Immediately — EU Gears Up To Send Ukraine Gas

The New Jurassic Park: These Are The 24 Animals Scientists Want To Bring Back From Extinction

Ukraine — What Western Media Won't Tell You: Fascists and Neo-Nazis Who Took Control of Ukraine By Coup - Will NEVER Allow Real Elections

Ukraine: Hillary and Other Assorted Barbarians at Russia’s Gate

“Journalists” Follow Obama on Ukraine: The Corporate Media are a Key Component of the U.S. Imperial Machine

COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE: How US Intelligence Agencies Turned America Into a Modern Police State — A 'Must See' New Documentary

The Tactic of Shooting Protesters and Blaming the Government Was Unsuccessfully Tried in Venezuela Before it was Successfully Used in Ukraine

Ukraine: Member of Post-Coup Government Says Ukraine May Seek Nukes if West Doesn't Force Russia to Vacate Crimea — Silence From Those Who Whine About Iran's Potential Nukes

Crimean Militia Leader Accuses US of Orchestrating Ukraine's Unrest

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Can't Be Trusted: Forget About GOP's Chris Christie, Worry About Dem Andrew Cuomo — He'll Sabotage Progressive Agenda & Push Austerity

Elephants Can Distinguish Human Voices by Sex, Age and Ethnicity, Study Says

Senator Feinstein Was Played For A Fool by the Intelligence Community She Backed: She Discovers Senate Computers Were Monitored and Goes Ballistic

Libyan Navy Fires On Ship Carrying Oil From Port Controlled by Rebels: Ship Escapes With Oil — Prime Minister Dumped

The Boston Bombing: There's Something Very Wrong with the Official Story About the Boston Bombings - And Big Media Won't Tell You

How Amazon, PayPal and eBay are Financing Hate

Obama Goes On Comedy Show For Big Laughs: Stiffnecked ABC reporter Asks if Appearance on Comedy Show 'Damaged' Presidency

Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 'Worse Than Chernobyl' Says Ex-Prime Minister of Japan — Says He's Now Against Nuclear Power

Who Took Over Ukraine?: Video and News Reports Provide Frightening Depictions of Some Aspects of the Former Opposition

Ex-Cop Just Wanted To Kill Somebody: Man Who Shot Movie Goer For Texting in Theater Was Texting Too

Saudi Arabia and Qatar Declared 'War on Iraq' — Support Terror Groups In Country Says Iraq Prime Minister

A New Arab Cold War: Saudi Arabia Tells Qatar to Oust American Think Tanks & Stop 'Support' of Muslim Brotherhood

Russian Troops Said To 'Mass' at Border With Ukraine: To Protect A Secession Referendum Vote or To Invade Eastern Ukraine? - German Chancellor Issues Veiled Threat

NSA Using Same Tactics As Knucklehead Online Scammers — Using Fake Facebook Sites To Infect Computers With Surveillance Software

Russia Says It Will 'Honor' Results Crimea Secession Vote — Says It Has No 'Common Ground' With US After Meeting With US Secretary of State Kerry

"I'll Believe Corporations 'Are People' — When You Put One On Trial for Murder": 303 Deaths Linked to Faulty GM Parts

Beware of the Western Promises of 'Freedom and Democracy': Most Libyans Think They're 'Worse Off' Since Overthrow of Gaddafi - Poll

Nigeria: 'Hundreds' of Boko Haram 'Islamists' Said To Attack City of Maiduguri

Russia—The World’s Largest Oil Producer—Wields A $160 Billion Stick in Crimea Sanctions Standoff

"Kill Not Capture" - Then Dump 'Osama' At Sea: U.S. Troops Unloaded 'Over A Hundred Bullets' Into Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body — Sources Claim

America's Mainstream Media Launches Propaganda War Against 'Russia Today' — Pseudo 'Paragons of Truth' Try Smear The Foreign Competition

New York Times Critic Doesn't Care What Foreigners Have to Say

George Zimmerman Autographs are the New Lynching Photography

Industrial Civilization Headed For 'Irreversible Collapse' Suggests NASA - Funded Study: 'Perfect Storm' of Crises Could Unravel Global System

The Case Against Bill Bratton: New York City Mayor de Blasio's New Police Commissioner

Comcasts Merger Lobbying Strategy for Its Mergers Includes 'Paying Off' Minority Organizations — Support From Minorities Considered Key Issue for Regulators

Disturbing Flashes of Light Can Be Seen On Power Lines By Animals But Not Humans: Why Powerlines Disturb Animal Habitats — And Should Disturb You

Orphans of Agent Orange: 50 Years Later Children Suffer Horrific Effects of America’s Chemical Warfare in Vietnam War

Retail Apocalypse in the United States: Big Chains Closing Thousands of Stores - 20 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Neo-Nazi Symbols become 'The New Normal': 'Democratization' and Anti-Semitism in Ukraine - America's Top Jewish Rights Group Virtually Silent

Japan's Ongoing Nuclear Disaster: Fukushima Nuclear Workers Rally Against Plant Operator Over Low Pay, Dangerous Conditions

Coups, False Flags, Covert Wars, Color Revolutions: Ukraine and America’s Neocolonial Adventure

Pesticides In Your Brain: How Pesticides Harm the Young Brain - Warning Signs

Think You're Already Getting Hacked?: Here's How It May Be Happening — So-Called Health Site Sold Members Info To Drug Corps

10 Dead in Syria-Linked Clashes in Lebanon's Tripoli

Nigerians Touched by Communal Violence Talk in the Absence of Justice

Greece is the future of Europe: Austerity and Neo-colonialism in Southern Europe

Rio's Favela Residents Fight Mega-Event Eviction

Human Rights and the ‘New’ Latin American Left

Reducing the Gap Between Africa's Rich and Poor

Russia Blocks Four Opposition Media Portals

Mexican Government Censors Website That Documents Human Rights Abuses

Neocons Have Weathered the Storm: Still In Control of US Foreign Policy As They Bring US To The Brink in Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen and Soon Iran

The White House Has Been Covering Up the Presidency’s Role in Torture for Years

Time Warner Gouging Customers While Not Paying Own Bills: Collected $500 Million, But Won't Pay Franchise Fee to Los Angeles - Owes $9.7 Million

It's The 'Jews, Putin and Russian Military' Rants Leader of Ukraine's 'Right Sector' - The Thugs of the 'Revolution'

America’s 'Rogue Government' Controlled by US Intelligence: The 'Big Secret' Behind the CIA Spying on the Congress

He Killed An Innocent Man — And The Repubican Governor of Texas Rick Perry is Proud of It

Iran: Deceased Blogger's Mother Erased Out of News Photo

Billionaire-Backed 'Education Groups' Spend Big Pushing Vouchers and Charter Schools While Battling Teachers Unions Over State Elections

'Libertarian' Racist Cited By Likely GOP Presidential Candidate As He Dog Whistles To Racist Republican Voters

Egypt Coup Leaders Returning To Systematic Censorship?: 'Revolutionary Singer' Escorted Out of Cairo Opera House - Concert Went On Without Him

National Rifle Association Has Neo-Nazis On Its Board—Yet Still Has Enough 'Legitimacy' To Block Surgeon General Nominee

Prosecutor Who 'Intentionally' Blew George Zimmerman Case — Has Record of Disproportionately Seeking Death Penalty for Black Men, Charging Minority Kids As Adults

Worldwide ‘White Man March’ Draws 10 People and ‘Diversity = White Genocide’ Signs

The Right's Crusade to Repeal the 20th Century: They've Robbed the Underdeveloped World Blind — Now They're Gunning for America & Western Europe

Wireless Electricity: Demonstrated, Currently Deployed and in Preparation for Mass Production — The End of Wires!

Mainstream US Media Is Lost in Ukraine: New Professional Low Brazenly Touts Official Washington Propaganda Themes - Leading US Citizens Down Blind Alley

Barack Obama: The Willing Executioner — The Politics of Illusion

BACKFIRE!: Russia Takes Steps To Annex Crimea as the Implications of America's Meddling In Ukraine Becomes Clearer by the Day

ANNEXED!: It's Official. Crimea Exists Ukraine and Joins Russia — 'Pro-Russian' Troops Storm Base Held By Ukraine Troops

Ukrainian Military Base Stormed by 'Pro-Russian' Troops in Simferopol, Crimea — Shots Fired, Soldier Killed

Russia Annexing Crimea is the Cost of US/EU Intervention in Ukraine

The Horrific Legacy of the Invasion of Iraq: America Promised 'Freedom & Democracy' - But Delivered Carnage and a Splintered, Failed State

Obama Appears "Feeble" to the World — Says Israel's Defense Minister: Killing People in Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan & Somalia is not Enough

Understanding Paul Ryan's Racism in Three Easy Steps

These Photos Prove Top GOP Congressman Paul Ryan is Either a Racist or Just Plain Ignorant of the Facts: He Claimed People In Inner Cities Don't Want To Work

Paul Ryan and the Secret Lives of Inner-City Black Males: The Historical Context of 'Dog Whistle' Politics

Scientists Engineer Bionic Plants With 'Super Powers'

Public Confused About Climate Change? — It's Everybody's Fault But the Media's

The NSA Built a 'Time Machine' — But Washington Post Won't Say Where

'White Basketball Player Is Basically Jesus' Complains White Writer: Not for Being Great But for Just for Being Good - Suggests Racism Is At Work

Crime’s Down — So Why is Police Aggression Increasing?

Why Police Don't Bust White People and How I Turned Against Drug War — Former Undercover Drug Narc Tells His Story

Bio-Tech Propaganda: 'GMO Food is Good for Your Health' — Killing the World by Feeding the World

'Transhumanism' — Genetic Manipulation and the Age of Human Destruction: Towards The End of Homo Sapiens?

Netflix CEO Asks Public's Help in Fighting for Net Neutraility and Against Higher Fees For Video Streamers — AFTER He Opens Floodgates to Higher Fees By Paying Comcast

The CIA Spying Scandal, Watergate And The Decay of American Democracy

US Mainstream Media Journalists With “Blood on Their Hands”

U.S. Nuclear Agency Lied About Japan's Nuclear Disaster: Hid Concerns, Hailed Safety Record as Fukushima Melted

Boston Marathon Bombing: FBI 'Cleared' in Killing of Unarmed Man it Was Interrogating About Bombing

Big Media Covering Up Government Spy Technology During Coverage of Missing Malaysia Airliner: Claim Satellites Provide Airline Passangers With Wifi But 'Don't Track Airplanes' — Omits Capabilities of Spy Satellites

Will Monsanto Cause Global Mass Starvation?: Super Corn' Engineered To Resist Worms — Results in Voracious Worm That Devours Engineered Corn

Al-Qa’ida, the Second Act: Why the Global 'War on Terror' Went Wrong

America's Russian 'Double Whammy': Will Try To Disrupt Russia's Oil & Gas Exports While Boosting Foreign Markets for US Natural Gas

Was Israel's Anti-Arab Rabbi a Prophet?: Rabbi Meir Kahane—Assasinated In 1990—Explains How the Concept of a 'Jewish State' Will Affect Arab Israelis

Microsoft—Not Law Enforcement—Caught Looking At Emails of Hotmail User: Claims It Will Change Its Ways

Criminalizing A Race: Even Tiny Preschoolers Subjected To Harsher Discplinary Proceedings if Black - Says Latest Study

Are Charter Schools Really 'Helping Poor Children'?

Attention Video Gamers — You're Being Racially Programmed: Violent Video Games Encourage Racist, Aggressive Attitudes Toward Blacks - Study

Brutal Police Attack On Iraq War Vet During California Occupy Protest Results in $4.5 Million Settlement

Police To Develop 'Mugshots' From DNA Alone: Here Are Some Eerily Accurate Examples

The 'Happy' Videos of Middle East and North Africa — The 'Happy' Single by Pharell Williams Sparked 'Covers' Across the Globe

CNN's Pathetic Coverage of The Malaysia Airliner Disappearance

NSA's Giant Tech Collaborators: Don't Believe Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, Etc — They KNEW About NSA Spying On Customers and Provided 'Full Assistance'

$1.2 Trillion in Corporate Welfare Recently Snatched Up By Fortune 100 Companies — New Report

If Crimea Is Not Russia, Why Are The Falkland Islands British? — Another Big Contradiction in the West's Whining About Crimea

Obama Facing Political Armageddon: GOP Predicted To Take Back Senate Rendering Democrats Helpless — Have A Few Months to Turn Things Around

Egypt's Dictators Sentence Over 500 Protestors to Death — For Alleged Killing of One Police Officer

The Militarization of Public Schools: Cops Run Wild Tasering Students Without Warning in Syracuse, NY — Says Lawsuit

America's Judicial System Severely Flawed: Woman Spends 32 Years In Prison for Murder She Didn't Commit — 74 Years-Old Now

PSY-OPS TODAY: Made for Television — Fake Bomb Attacks, Fake Funerals, Fake War Reports, Fake Zombie Make-Up On Hospital 'Patients'

Boston Marathon Bombings: Dark Questions About a Deadly FBI Interrogation in Orlando — Did the FBI Snuff Out a Boston Bombing Witness?

'Cognitive Dissonance' - Discomfort & Mental Distress That We Feel When Our Beliefs & Values Don't Match Reality: Sssssh — 'Conspiracy Theory'

Left-Wing Darling Pacifica Radio Is Sliding Into the Abyss

'Don't Talk to a Lawyer' — LAPD Said to Sex Abuse Victim: The Delay Allowed the Accused Cops to Assault Three More Women

Cyber Hijacking: Remote Control of Aircraft Begins With Radio-Controlled Vehicles During World War I

Does Today Show Know Michelle Rhee's Record?: The Corporate Education Lobbyist Was At the Center of a Cheating Scandal

Crimea River: The West Wets Its Pants Over the Ukraine

How Police Have Turned Rio de Janeiro's Maré Favela Into a Battlefield

'Slave Days' of College Sports May Be Over: College Athletes Can Unionize, Rules Federal Labor Board — Can Athletes Get Salaries?

Bitcoin is 'Property' Not 'Currency' Says IRS — LIkely Every Transaction With Bitcoin Must Be Reported In Some Way

Egypt: Dictator Who Led Coup Seeks To 'Legitimize' Takeover With Presidential Run — An 'Election' in a Nation Under Lockdown?

Thug Leader of Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Group Assassinated During 'Police Raid' — Just Two Weeks Ago He Was Riding High After Overthrow Ukrainian Government

Mudslides Explained: Behind the Washington State Disaster

Saudi Dictator-Kings Go Ballistic — Because the U.S. Is No Longer Interested In Backing Their Region-Wide Anti Shia Terror Campaign

'The Power of Nightmares': Brilliant Documentary Describes How Western Governments Control and Direct Their Citizens by Fabricating the Threat From 'Global Terrorism'

Economic Scam of the Century: Bipartisan Senate Bill Would Make Taxpayers Pay for 90% of Same Kind of Banker Ripoffs that Crashed the Economy in 2008

Your Food Is Packed With Monsanto's Herbicide — And It's Becoming the 'New Norm'

Synthetic Terrorism: FBI Initiates Another 'Terror Plot' — Provides Man With Fake Explosives and Idea To Rob Armored Truck and Attack Government Buildings

The Military Plot to Take Over America: Fifty Years Later — Was the Mission Accomplished?

Playing 'God'? — Life Engineered by Man: First Fully Functional Yeast Chromosome Synthetically Designed

That 'Exxon Valdez' Oil Spill That Caused the Environmental Disaster in Alaska... Was In Fact Caused by BP

Rwanda’s Formula for Success: Murder Your Neighbors and Steal Their Wealth

More Evidence of Paul Ryan's "Inner Cities" Problem — GOP Racism Seems to Reach Down to The Cellular Level

This Louisiana Town is Poised To Get Wiped Off the Map By A Massive Chemical Plant

Ukraine's New Leaders: What Kind of People Are They? — These Shocking Videos Will Give You A Good Idea

Apple and Google Are Part of a 'Wage Fixing' Cartel That Conspired to Keep Workers' Wages Low As Possible — Over 1 Million Workers Affected

Hospital Plans To Place Dying Patients in 'Suspended Animation' — To Try To Save Them Later

Australia Is Again Stealing Its Indigenous Children

The NCIS TV Show Is the Most Popular Show In America — And It's Little More Than NSA Propaganda

States Executing People Using Secret and Unverified Drugs — Oklahoma Blocked From Doing So By Judge's Ruling

Firefox Boycotted by LGBT Developers After It Hires 'Anti-Gay' CEO

Where Are The Most Racially Segregated Schools In America?: The State of New York — Charter Schools Are the LEAST Diverse

Homeless Woman Jailed and Could Lose Custody of Children — She Left Them in Car to Go to Job Interview

Teens Who Smoke Marijuana Do Better in School Than Cigarette Smokers, Study Shows

The Financial Elite and the Global Land Grab

It’s Not Just Keystone — Five Dirty Pipelines You’ve Never Heard Of

CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE: A Documentary on a Nationwide Child Sex Abuse Ring, Produced for the Discovery Channel and Censored at the Last Minute — The Film Implicated Members of the Reagan Administration

Turkey Planned Attack On Syria: Attack Would Be Justified By Staging Fake Attacks On Turkey — Turkey Blocks YouTube After Documents Are Posted

Syria Civil War: War Enters Fourth Year and Rebels Are Clearly Losing

The Obama Presidency: The Refusal of Democrats to Recognize that They've 'Been Had'

The U.S. Whines About Russia.'s Annexation of Crimea—But at Least Russia Didn't Bomb It Flat: Watch the U.S.Drop 2.5 Million Tons of Bombs On Laos

They Chop Off Heads, Ban Free Speech, Keep Women Locked Down: Yet Saudi 'King' Demands Obama Take Hard Line on Syria, Iran and Muslim Brotherhood

Legalizing Rape and Child Sex Trafficking: Iraq Drafts Law To Legalize Marriage To Girls as Young as 9-Years-Old

After Decades of Ignoring Its Slums (Flavelas) Brazil Moves To 'Clean The Up' — For Foreigners Coming For Olympics & World Cup

Mexico's Failed State: 370 Abandoned Immigrant Children Found in One Week— Dumped By Traffickers Who Promised Passage To America for a Price

Chris Christie for Sale: Christie Apologizes for Referring to 'Occupied Territories' — He's Terrified of Billionaire GOP Funders Like Israel-Based Sheldon Adelson

Wall Street's 'Meritocracy' A Big Lie: Big Companies With High Speed Investment Software Beat Everybody Else To The Punch In Rigged Game

New Kind of 'Affluenza' — Convicted of Rape of Daughter: Gets Probation Because du Pont Heir 'Wouldn't Do Well in Jail'

Rogue Cops On Rampage: 3 NJ Officers Arrested For Scheme To Punish Fellow Cop For Colleague's Arrest — One Charged With Firebombing Supervisor's Home

American Universities — As Exploitative As Corporate America: Homeless Adjunct Professor Pushes For Fair Pay and Benefits - Sparks Support From Professors Across United States

NSA Crippled Encryption Software Used in Computers and Across Web: Top Encryption Organization Endorsed Software With 'Backdoors' for NSA

Possible Release of Traitor Raises Questions About US—Israel Alliance: Israel Presses For Release of Man Who Spied on America for In Return for Fake 'Peace Talks' — $3.5B in Annual Aid Not Enough?

Nigeria: Army Accused of Killing Hundreds After 'Islamists' Attack Barracks — Amnesty International Claims 600 Killed, Half Civilians

Obama Administration Fights Challenge To Law That Allows US to Arrest, Jail and Kill US Citizens Without Charge or Trial

Michael Jackson: His Second Posthumous Album Will Be Called 'Xscape' and Will Be Released in May

Police Murder of Mentally Ill Homeless Man Sparks Citizen Rebellion in Albuquerque, New Mexico — Victim Camped In 'Unauthorized Area'


Planet of the Apes: Debate Erupts Over Genetically-Modified Monkeys Created With 'Cut and Paste' DNA

Carter G. Woodson: Pioneer of Black History Month

Assata Shakur: Former Black Panther and Black Liberation Army Member - Liberated From Prison and Living In Exile in Cuba, Recently Placed On FBI Terrorist List

Jonathan Jackson Dies Trying To Break His Older Brother, Prison Activist George Jackson, Out of Prison on August 7, 1970 - Slide Show, Part 2

Jonathan Jackson Dies Trying To Break His Older Brother, Prison Activist George Jackson, Out of Prison on August 7, 1970 - Slide Show, Part 1

The New York Draft Riots of 1863: Whites Riot When They Are Drafted Into a Civil War That Rich Whites Could Pay To Avoid

The Attica Rebellion: New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller Turns A Prison-Wide Protest Into a Wholesale Slaughter

MARCUS GARVEY: An Abbreviated History

The Rebellion of 1967: For Some It Was 'The Summer of Love' - For Others It Was The 'Long Hot Summer'

The Rebellion of 1967: For Some It Was 'The Summer of Love' - For Others It Was The 'Long Hot Summer'

Josephine Baker: One of The First Female International Superstars of the 20th Century

William Lee: He Was A Slave of George Washington Who Accompanied Washington Throughout The American Revolutionary War

Althea Gibson Was The First African American To Win The Wimbledon Tennis Championship

Gabriel Prosser Led A Slave Rebellion in 1800 and Was Hanged - He Was Pardoned by a Virginia Governor in 2007

Dr. Ossian Sweet: His House in a 'White Neighborhood' Was Attacked - An Attacker Was Killed And Charges Were Dismissed With The Help Of Attorney Clarence Darrow

Louis Armstrong: One of the Greatest Musicians of the 20th Century

Former Slave Andrew Jackson Beard Patents An Improvement To The Rotary Steam Engine in 1892

Wilma Rudolph: The First American Woman To Win 3 Gold Medals During a Single Olympic Games

Peter Salem Was A Minuteman Who Fought in the Famous Battle of The American Revolutionary War, Bunker Hill in 1775

Katherine Dunham Was A Ground-Breaking Anthropologists, Choreographer, Dancer and Social Activist

14-Year-Old Black Child, George Stinney, Was Railroaded and Executed in 1944 For The Murder of Two Girls: He Was The Youngest Person Executed in 100 Years - Activists Seek Posthumous Pardon

An Anti-Black Riot In East St. Louis, IL Kills Up To 200 Blacks in 1917

Lena Baker Was A Black Maid Who Was Executed in 1945 For Killing Her Abusive Employer - She Was Granted A Full Posthumous Pardon in 2005

Baseball Great Satchel Paige: One of the Greatest Players Ever To Play Baseball and A Legend in His Own Lifetime

James Van Der Zee: The Great Photographer Documents the History and Culture of African-Americans - Slide Show

IDA B. WELLS: The Activist Was First To Gather Statistical Records On US Lynchings

ETHEL WATERS: Jazz and Blues Singer, Actor in Film and Television, Innovator and Activist - First Black Female Nominated for Emmy Award

JOHN COLTRANE: Innovative Saxophonist Who Changed The Style and Sound of Jazz - With Slide Show

White Racist Coup d'état in Lousiana Results in The Coushatta Massacre in 1874

The Buffalo Soldier Mutiny in Houston, Texas - 1917

The 'Red Summer' of 1919: Racial Strife Across The United States

Malcolm X: His Killer Is Alive and Well - The FBI Knows Who He Is and Where He Lives

SHOCK & ADMIRATION: Some Amazing Offerings For Black History Month - Photos, Videos & Slideshows

Fracking Injection Wells Linked to Earthquakes Says Seismologist

Libertarians Play the Clowns in the Circus Show Called the Republican Party: Christian Rightist & Neo-Confederates As Partners? - Not Cool!

Major News Sites Bought and Paid For By Coal Industry: Coal Lobby Buys Politico, Real Clear Politics

'Do As I Say, Not As I Do': Rep. Cathy Rodgers Exemplifies GOP - 'Benefit from Gov’t Yourself, Deny Benefits to Others'

Still Mostly Male and White: Sunday Morrning Political Talkshows - Like The Tea Party, These TV Producers REFUSE To Adapt To A Changing America

NRA Begins 'No Snitch' Campaign: Tells Gun Owners - Don't Cooperate With Police If Your Gun Shows Up At A Crime Scene

New York Times - A Lesson In Propaganda: The Times Only Calls Torture 'Torture' When the Perpetrator Is an 'Official' Enemy

The Corporate Media Gatekeepers: An Awkward Silence - Burying The Hersh Revelations Of Obama’s Syrian Deceit

Iron Fisted Kleptocracy: 95% Income Growth Goes to the 1%

Johnny Mack’s on the Attack!: Does Senator John McCain Have Penis Envy? - His Attack On Star NFL Cornerback Richard Sherman

Spinning Racism: Redskins Paying Team Of Republican Advisers For Advice On Name Controversy

Official Who Ordered Lane Closures On George Washington Bridge Says Gov Christie Knew About It

Ukraine is a Neo-Con Testing Ground for Russia

77-Year-Old Man Collapses Outside of Firehouse: Fire Fighters Refuse To Help Because He Didn't Dial 911 - He Dies

Mali: More 800,000 Starving As Food Crisis Triggered By Islamist Insurgency Deepens

The Prison Industrial Complex - Killing The Children: Remains of 55 Bodies Found Near Former 'Reform School' in Florida

French Police Raid Home of Black Comedian Accused of Telling Anti-Semitic Jokes

Top AIDS Charity Caught Ripping Off AIDS Sufferers: Millions Raised by Gay Men's Health Crisis Spent on Rent, Not HIV Services - Raised $11.4 Million, Only $374K Went for AIDS

Gov Chris Christie - When ALL Else Fails, Attack!: Christie Slams Accuser in Email To Friends and Funders

Israel's 'Hypocritical Oath': Government Demands Sanctions and War On Any Nation That Won't Do Its Bidding - Calls Kerry 'Anti-Semite' For Suggesting Israel Might Face Boycott

Oscar-Winning Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead at 46 of Apparent Heroin Overdose

Ukraine And The Rebirth of Fascism In Europe

Right-Wingers Go Berzerk During Superbowl - WHY?: Commercial Aired During Superbowl DARED To Show National Anthem Sung In Various Languages

Al Qaeda 'Disowns' Affiliate In Syria - Blames It for Disaster in Syria: Its Attacks On Other Rebel Groups Diverts Focus On Government Overthrow

The 'American Prosperity' Myth: America's Middle Class Almost LAST Among Developed Nations - Further From the Top Than Most Others

The Koch Brothers-Keystone XL Filthy Oil Connection: Tyrants Behind The Crippling of American Democracy Own Have of Keystone's Wretched Tar Oil

Chris Christie: The Decline and Fall of "Corporate America's Candidate" for President

Israel: Peace Deal Requires Recognition of Jewish State

NJ Chris Christie Proves He and Staff Are Pure Trash: Releases Non-Relevant Info On Accusers High School Career

7 Things a Record Deal Teaches You About the Music Industry

SHINING TIME!!: Gun Lobbyist Thinks Blacks Should Go Back To Being Lawn Jockeys - Should Grin & 'Be Happy' Like The Africans He 'Knows'

Libertarian Wants Help Suing New York Times for Libel Over Accurately Quoted Remarks On Slavery

Rich vs Poor & The Pusher: A Poor Person Overdoses, So What? — Rich & Famous? They'll Hunt Your Pusher Down

Fracking Wastewater A Continuing Struggle For State and Federal Level Regulators

NRA Board Member's Latest Racial Trick: "If You Know You Are A Committed White Racist - Deflect Attention, By Calling Black Folks Racist"

Unauthorized Drones Over American's Skies: 'Mysterious' Drone Shows Up At Conneticut Car Crash Site - Police Are Bewildered & FAA Launches 'Investigation'

Fake Story About Russian Hackers At the Olympics Aired by NBC-TV: Claimed Devices Were 'Hacked' Immediately Upon Being Turned On - Didn't Say They Deliberately Downloaded Virus

CONFIRMED: US Is Hands-On In Plotting Overthrow of Ukrainian Government — US State Department Official Phone Call Recorded and Posted Online

Libya Needs International Intervention Says Niger: Southern Libya Has Become A Base For Islamist Terrorism Spreading Throughout Region

Gory Lynching of Muslim By Soldiers in Central African Republic Caught On Camera As Ethno-Religious Strife Continues (Warning: Graphic Content)

Fracking Industry In US Threatened by Drought: Highly Pollutive Oil Extraction Process Requires Immense Amounts of Water

Second-Hottest Year On Record Recorded In 2013 - Without An El Niño

Ex-Senator Scott Brown Is The Newest Right-Wing Media Huckster: Fox News Contributor Renting Out His Email List To Medical Quacks and Other Scoundrels

The Wild West of Surveillance Explained: Selling Your Secrets, Building Backdoors, Bounty Hunters, Harvesting Your Data - Which Way Out?

Shocking Facts About America's For-Profit Prison Industry

America's Militarized Police: Cops Subject Iowa Family To Terrifying Commando Attack - Over Suspected Credit Card Fraud

Privacy Tools: Opting Out from Data Brokers — What Do Private Corporations Know About You? Here's How To Find Out

State Department Finally Releases List of ‘Special Government Employees' - Some Hold Key Government Positions While Working for Corporate Firms

Meet Three Talented African Lady Geeks Involved in New Media

Taking Democracy Seriously Demands That We Identify and Address the Danger of Oligarchy

Murder and Mexico’s Security Dilemma

The PTSD Crisis That's Being Ignored: America's Wounded in Their Own Neighborhoods

Social Darwinism and Fox Republicans: Poverty Reinforces the Superiority Complex of Right-Wingers — That's Why Republicans Love It

Extreme Income Inequality Is ‘Fantastic’ Says Millionaire Host of 'Shark Tank' TV Show: Income Inequality Feeds O'Leary's Superiority Complex

U.S. May Be Inching Toward Oil Independence - Oil Industry Doesn't Mind If They Cause Earthquakes & Contaminate America To Do It

THAT GREAT DEBATE: Between Bill Nye (The Science Guy) and Ben Ham (The Creationist) - Stop Reading About It And Watch It

The Heroin Crisis: Few Are Connecting The Dots To Afghanistan—The Taliban ENDED The Trade in Heroin - The US Invasion Brought It Back.

The DEA Is Using Info Illegally Obtained By The NSA To Illegally Prosecute Americans - An Online DEA Manual Shows Cops How To Lie About It

Youths Throw Snowball - Cop Pulls Gun and Places Them Under Arrest: The Bronx Youths Win $60,000 Each In Lawsuit

Will MSNBC's Ed Schultz Lose Credbility With Progressives As He Pushes The Keystone XL Pipeline for the Obama Adminstration? - Half of Pipeline Tar-Sands Oil Owned by Koch Brothers

PBS Airing 'Documentary' Series Attacking Public Employee Pensions - Doesn't Reveal Series Is Funded By Anti-Pension Billionaire

WHO Is MIchael Dunn - Florida Killer of 17-Year-Old Jordan Davis: Wife & Child Abuser, Insurance Scammer, Bully, Thief & Racist - As Detailed By Former Neighbor in This Video

Sports and Performance Enhancing Drugs: The Case of Tyson Gay

California's Drought Could Be the Worst in 500 Years - As Climate Change Deniers Continue To Promote The 'No Climate Change' Myth

Fed Up With Justice Department Accepting Billion-Dollar Bribes To Let Thieving Banksters Off The Hook?: This Group Takes Action - Sues Justice Department

Washington Governor Suspends State's Death Penalty - Cites Data Showig Death Penality Is Not Being Equally Applied

Anti-Aparthied Boycott Faces Sabotage By Israel's Agents in US Congress - Bill to Block Federal Funding to Universities That Boycott Israel Pushed

Nigeria: 39 Killed, 2,000 Houses Destroyed As Boko Haram 'Islamists' Invade Borno

Climate Denial Network Funded By Billionaires and Polluting Corporations Detailed By Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Synthetic Terrorism: Elite US Troops Trained to Use Backpack Nukes

Creationists and Climate Change Deniers Are Slammed By 'Greatest Naturalist of Our Time' Sir David Attenborough

The Mobsters of Wall Street: Stealing America Blind - And Getting Rewarded for Doing It!

The Billionaire Koch Brothers: A Reading Guide

Sabotage of American Democracy By Supreme Court Via Its Citizens United Ruling Allowed Mexican Tycoon To Buy American Elections

“Operation Afro-Dilution”: Michigan’s Plan to Flood Detroit with Upscale Immigrants

Bundling Mortgages Is How The Banksters Crashed The Economy - Now They're Bundling Your Rent Check

In Egypt, Every Voice is to be Silenced: Mass Censorship Follows Military Coup

The Dark Money Man: How Sean Noble Moved the Kochs’ Cash into Politics and Made Millions

A Portrait of Time Warner's Active Role in the Secretive Group of Right-Wing Millionaires Called ALEC

The Burden of 'Blackness': 21 Things You Can't Do While Black - Sometimes Your Skin Color is Evidence Enough Against You

The Risk of Reporting US Drone Strikes: Yemen Researcher Says He — Received A Death Threat After Investigating Deadly Wedding-Convoy Attack

That Wisconsin Governor Who Sabotaged His Budget So He Could Go After Unions? - Evidence Mounting that Walker Campaign Is at Center of Criminal Probe

Chasing Ghosts in the Central African Republic: What On the Surface Looks Like Sectarian Violence in CAR is a Much More Complex and Far Reaching Conflict

Rising Inequality: Recovery Driven Almost Entirely by the Rich

Dr. Martin Luther King Was Murdered By Elements Within the US Government - Period: Confronting the Reality of the Evidence That Was Throughly Ignored by Most of America's Mythical 'Free Press'

Ex-Black LIberation Army Members To Admit Role in Ambush-Killings of NYC Police Officers

NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden's Interview in Germany: American Mass Media Ignored It — See It For Yourself

Lynching Photo of Black Dummy Was Meant ‘Innocently' — Says All-White N.J. Wrestling Team

Boko Haram Chief Threatens Attacks in Nigeria Oil Region

Private Emails Become Accessible Without a Search Warrant After 180 Days — Did You Know That?: Find Out More & What You Can Do

Austin Police Drag Jogger to Car Screaming After Jaywalking Without ID

Feeding Fascism in Greece: The Memorandum, The State of Exception and The Police

Israel's Asylum Seekers: Taking the Mask Off

Venezuelan Govt Slams CNN Over 'Biased' Coverage of Protests: Recently CNN's Anderson Cooper Called Protesters 'Pro Democracy' - Forgot Government Was Elected

‘Central African Republic's Most Pressing Need Is Security for its People’

Muslims Feel Under Fire in Central African Republic — Video

12,000 Somalis Expelled From Saudi Arabia: Mass Deportations without Considering Refugee Claims

Fanatical Racists Continue To Find A Home On Major Cable Channels Like HLN and CNN

Mexico: Terror and “Terrorism”

Nigeria's Government Says It's Winning War Against Insurgents

'Islamist' Attack in Nigeria Kills 106, More Violence Ahead — Video

Venezuela Deploys Paratroopers After More Protests

Boko Haram 'Islamists' Stronger Than Nigerian Army?: Army Said To Be Fatigued, Over-Stretched, Not As Motivated

China is Pillaging Africa Like an Old Colonial Power — Says Anthropologist Jane Goodall

'Jay Walking' — The New 'Stop & Frisk'?: Jaywalking Tickets Jump 800% In 1 Month of NYC Mayor DiBlasio's 1st Term - To Save Lives?

EXPOSED: America’s Highest Paid Government Workers - The Corporate Execs Who Work To Privatize Public Services Then Get Rich Off Taxpayers — Named

Meet the Press Meets Climate Change: Is NBC Giving Climate Change Doubters More Respect Than They Deserve?

Comcast Merger With Time Warner Cable: How MSNBC Covered It — 'Our Boss Is Great!'

Vehicles Wirelessly Hacked By Researchers - Can Take Control From Drivers: Automakers Need 'Security Bounty' Programs.

Smart Meters: Do They Allow the Government, Corporations and Hackers to Spy On You?

How Comcast Steals Money Without 'Net Neutrality': Comcast Forces Netflix To Pay Extra For Uncrippled 'Streaming' - Comcast's Own Programming Not Deliberately 'Bottlenecked'

'Smart' Technology For Your Home — What IS It, Really?: It's A Simply Device Which Can Send Info To A Network — But Which Info and WHOSE Network?

Synthetic Terrorism: FBI Had 'Mole' In Al Qaeda Who Had Met With Osama bin Laden Prior To 9/11 — Hid Fact From 9/11 Commission

Boko Haram 'Islamists' Suspected In Mass Murder At College in Nigeria - At Least 43 Students Killed

'VLAD The Hammer' Flexes His Muscles: Putin Orders Troops To Crimea Passes - Warns NATO He'll Do Anything To Protect Crimea Citizens in Ukraine

Putin Orders 'Snap Check' of Russia Army's Battle-Readiness: Military Exercises On Border With Ukraine

Brazil's Racism Problem Front and Center After Black Teen's Brutal Beating

Koch Brothers Are Un-American Says Democrat Leader in the Senate — Yeah, and Un-Patriotic, Sexist & Bigoted Too

Reddit 'Censors' Big Story On Government Manipulation & Disruption of Web — Perpetual Deletion of Latest Greenwald Story Charged

'Chemtrails' Going Public?: Scientists Express Fear of Geoengineering — May Not Be 'Safely Stopped'

Hillary Clinton and The Keystone XL Pipeline: If Hillary Is the Only Candidate — Where Does She Stand?

Spike Lee Unleashes Fiery Rant On Gentrification In New York - Listen To The Entire Rant For Yourself

Fukushima Radiation Reaches Waters Off the Coast Of Canada - Expected To Reach U.S. Soon

Pro-Russia Armed Men Seize Parliament, Government Buildings - Raise Russian Flags

Brawls Erupted Between Rival Factions on Ukraine's Volatile Crimean Peninsula - Video

Voyuerism Within NSA Exposed: Webcam Images of Millions of Yahoo Users Intercepted by US & British Spy Agencies

Divided & Conquered?: 3,300 Syrian 'Rebels' Killed by Islamist Infighting Since January

Land Grabs in Africa: Senegal Farmers and Herders Demand Shady Transnational Corporation Get Off Their Land

Big Oil and Bad Air: Report Exposes Link Between Fracking and Toxic Air Emissions in Texas

Ukraine's Elected President Re-emerges In Russia Five Days After Ouster: Yanukovych Declares He's Still President - Ukraine's New Leaders Warn Russia

Ukraine's Ousted President Yanukovych Insists He'll Will 'Fight On' — Not Overthrown, 'Compelled To Leave Due To Immediate Threats to Life'

Nigeria's Presidency Under Fire — Special Assistant Linked To Document Accusing Suspended Central Bank President of Ties to Boko Haram Terror Group

Central Bank Whistleblower Suspended Over Exposure of $20 Billion 'Missing' From State Oil Corporation — Controversy Threatens Nigeria’s Fragile 'Success Story'

20,000 Plant Species Added to ‘Doomsday Vault’ to Protect Against Agricultural Apocalypse




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